Financing of deliveries from manufacturer to the basis of delivery agreed with the customer and deferred payment terms

Spot-contracting or fixing to the price formula of corresponding quotations on agreed basis of delivery.

Guaranteed terms of delivery and quality of supplied products.

Multimodal transportation techniques with application of all types of bulk reusable tare for truck, railway and sea transportation of cargoes.

A comprehensive range of crediting financial and interbank tools from the first-rate European bank that enables also bulk deliveries of goods when significant financing is required.

Integrated chemical complex.
Innovational enterprise.
Natural gas processing - top of organic chemistry.

AMMONIA GOST 6221-90 grade Ak CAS: 7664-41-7, EINECS: 231-635-3 Ammonia mass fract..
0 р.

TECHNICAL METHANOL GOST 2222-95, grade A CAS: 67-56-1, EINECS: 200-659-6  REACH: 01-21194..
0 р.

GRANULAR UREA GOST 2081-2010 grade A CAS: 57-13-6, EINECS: 200-315-5 REACH: 01-2119463277-33-0141..
0 р.

AMMONIUM NITRATE GOST 2-2013 higher grade CAS: 6484-52-2, EINECS: 229-347-8 Total co..
0 р.

Distributor of chemical products
in European countries

AMTRADE, s.r.o.
Tomášikova 64, Bratislava - Nové mesto 831 04, Slovakia
Reg. No.: 50 379 003
VAT No.: SK2120307277

tel.: +421 911 102011
mail: sales@amtrade.eu



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